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Whenever it rains we stroll in the silent lanes of the valley, the lanes in proximity of the Unofficially dating Zoo. He almost forgot about the girl in front of them.

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You don't know how long I've been waiting to reveal our relationship to the whole school" Taehyung said with the most cutest smile that could melt anyone's heart. Big enough to accommodate us both, and too small to allow any distances.

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Forget about being rivals, jajangmyeon is the best! Do I push him, or just let him be? Now that he knows who the girl is, he understands why Jungkook kissed him.

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So you have to thank Tae for helping you out there" Jimin said. Jungkook looks up and shakes his head. I really dislike this method.

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He stops midway from eating and eyed Jungkook who were now a blushing mess. It feels nice to finally reveal that you're mine" he said sweetly.

And so, he gotta play along. Jungkook stopped in his tracks and turns around to look at Seokjin with an expressionless face. Jungkook sat there alone, playing with his phone when he heard murmurs about him and Taehyung dating.

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I told you it works! Oh my gosh, what do I do? Jungkook had his eyes closed tight to realise that he was currently kissing his one true enemy, the one and only Kim Taehyung. You should never be rating, but there is a certain unofficially dating someone of honesty you need to reach. Listen keen and close.


Jungkook looks around and noticed that everyone in the cafeteria is looking at them both. I just know that he went on one date with her. Unofficially dating someone Love has no time limit.

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