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She is often quick to criticize her son, much to Bob's chagrin, despite her accusations typically being true. His determination to remain pacifistic and polite usually reverts to frustration and rage by the end of his episodes.

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His demeanor is a sendup of Basil Fawltyjust as all the hotel segments were direct spoofs of the British sitcom Fawlty Towers. Taz is ill-tempered, tough, frequently hungry, and has a very big dislike of water, though he is less ferocious and at times more thoughtful than his original incarnation. They vaguely resemble Laurel and Hardy. He was established early in the show but was seemingly ill-received, reflected in several fourth wall-breaking taz dating by the show's characters.

Typically in the form of a mallet smashing. He expresses surprise that Taz has his own show by asking "Ain't you retired yet? He is never actually seen. His name recalls silent movie star Francis X. They speak in an odd mix of real and nonsense languages that are appended by mismatched, humorous subtitles.

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There was a bit of character confusion here, as at one point Sam suggests "I thought I was a bit too hard on that coyote last week. Ironically, his friendly nature was previously used by Bugs in 's " Spaced Out Bunny ".

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His later appearances suggest he was promoted to the show's producer after he was considered to be an unlikable character on the show proper, and he later attempts to direct an episode featuring Bull and Axl — with catastrophic results. Bull is the leader of the duo, always acting in a confident and cheery attitude even while reprimanding Axl.

The Bushrats head Bushrat: A scavenger, treasure hunter and chronic collector, he often takes advantage of Taz's strength and rabid nature to hunt rare treasures. He works as a bellhop at the Hotel Tazmania.

Despite their tribal society, he and his entire tribe behave and speak like highly intelligent, aristocratic businessmen his own father is a send-up of Thurston P. Both he and Taz share a mutual love for bottle-cap collecting.

Taz is then about to eat him, but lets the bird go after Axl and Bull try to kidnap Taz. Typically after he gets what he wants, he still berates Taz for bringing it back in a tarnished condition. He considers himself a jack-of-all-trades always prefacing the activities he does with Taz with an exclamation that he's "an expert.

We see her in the dance class that Molly takes when Taz first takes ballet. He also hosts Taz-manian Theater. Hugh likes orange juice a reference to Crosby being a famous pitch-man for orange juicegolfingand bowlingjoking around, and will often overexplain things to the point where he'll say "blah-blah-blah, yackity schmackity" to speed things up.

Though Buddy tends to take advantage of Taz at times, he does not seem to treat him nearly as badly as Digeri Dingo does. Marvin the Martian — voiced by Rob Paulsen Once comes to Earth on vacation, glad his plans to destroy it failed. Episodes[ edit ] Episodes are copyright 1—1415—47or 48—65 ; note that this does not always correspond with when they originally aired.

Despite her son owning the Hotel Tazmania, Mum is the true backbone of the establishment.

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Road Runner — He makes a cameo appearance in the show and is caught by Taz. A pair of episodes deals with their obsession with the prime-time cartoon "The McKimsons", a Simpsons parody featuring a character who constantly shouts "No way, I'm out of here, man! Their favorite phrase is "Spanfirkel!

They closely resemble Daffy Duck in appearance and manner of speech. Like Hugh, Drew enjoys golf, bowling, telling jokes, and heading out on road trips often dragging Taz along in spoofs of Hope and Crosby's Road to His attempts at relaxation are thwarted by Taz's noisy behavior, cajoling him into wanting to destroy Earth again, and his actions indeed cause Earth to explode due to a temporal anomaly.

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Many episodes circle around her speaking on the phone and running through a long list of chores she's created for herself. His personality closely resembles that of Woody Allen.

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He resembles Wile E. She is quite fond of singing and dancing, despite her dancing often causing unintentional destruction.