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You set my face to stunned. Share with your fellow fans in the comments.

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You don't have to worry about your Trek fandom being a deal breaker. But if you're a true Trekkie or Trekker, if that's your preferencetry and send your inquiries and messages to prospective matches in Klingon via Bing Translator.

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Unimaginably called Trekkie Datingit works like any other dating website. English translation for all other fans of the Starship Enterprise: Mashable composite thumbnail and lead image: I wish I was Q.

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Can you star trek dating site uk of any Star Trek pickup lines to add? Fanboys and fangirls of the series can try their hand at online dating on these sites, likely without fear of judgement of their pristine DVD collection of the original series or a treasured, mint-condition Spock action figure.

You're like one of Geordi's girlfriends - a fantasy come to life.

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Time Magazine provided a sampler: What do you think give me some free dating site the dating website? We've got some other suggestions for real Trekker pickup lines: If you'd like a date to see Star Trek Into Darkness during its opening week, you don't necessarily need to look any further than the computer or mobile device in front of you.

"Live love and prosper."

You have my heart like Darmok at Tanagra If you were Cardassian, you'd make me believe there are four lights. Let us know in the comments: But I have to say this website is off to a bad start with the name.

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What do you think of the pickup lines? In an alternate universe, we're already married. I am your date.

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Trek Passions says you can "find others who share your passion for Sci Fi. I love your Federation uniform. Your biological and technological distinctiveness shall be added to my own. You are hotter than a phaser set to kill.

I give great oo-mox.

Web-space. Online dating. The final frontier.

As reported by The Daily Beast ; turns out there's an entire subculture surrounding online dating for Star Trek fans. You must be from the Sexy Quadrant.

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It would look great hanging up in my closet. Lower your shields and give me your number.


Just say, "qaparHa'qu'" English translation: By Vignesh Ramachandran Heard of other Star Trek dating sites? The best part is that they have a list of pre-written Star Trek themed pickup lines you can send to other members. You and me on a date. If I were single and into online dating, I might take the advantages of this website.