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He also has an interest in film making and inventing like his father.

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She also still constantly rivals the rest of the kids with her self-serving and bossy behavior. T - English - Drama - Chapters: The show's premise is that the characters of the Rugrats are now ten years older.

Chuckie is Tommy's best friend and Kimi's older half-brother. Please expand the section to include this information.

2. Tommy Pickles

Susie, also 13 years old, is Angelica's best friend and tries to keep her grounded when she can. Another proposed spinoff was a series featuring Susie and the Carmichael familywho would've moved from California to Atlanta, Georgia in the new series; it was first proposed for the — television season, but with Nick and Klasky-Csupo deciding to concentrate on all the original-aged Rugrats, all together, that concept was shelved.

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Phil has displayed some talent at cooking. The final three episodes aired on August 3, 10, and 17, What he finds is the worst of retail behavior: The beautiful girl by the fountain.

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T - English - Chapters: Lil is a tomboy but has matured a bit more than her brother and has picked up interests in fashion and boys. During summerteasers for All Grown Up!

In early most successful dating website, All Grown Up! His friends still look up to him for help and advice whenever the situation gets out of control.

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During summerteasers for All Grown Up aired. Story idea requested by SuperNova The song in the closing credits is just the instrumentals to the opening. This started on November 12 and ended on November What the two families didn't know was that these two men had their eyes on Stu and Drew Pickles Dil is Tommy's 10 year old brother and has somewhat inherited his father and brother's interest in inventing.

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DVDs have been released: See my profile for more info. She is usually seen doing many typical "teen things" like getting a cell phone, pursuing boys, and getting the latest fashion trends. The original titles for this series were All Growed Up! External links "All Grown Up!

1. Kimiko “Kimi” Watanabe-Finster Pickles

Contents [ show ] Production Production of the show began in September Rated T for language. Phil and Lil are 11 years old twins who have remained very close and still have gross tendencies when together.

At the time, this was not the only spinoff of Rugrats under consideration[ citation needed ]. However, she maintains a close relationship with Susie and has learned to soften up to others, frequently giving help or acting kind when it comes down to it. The cast of RGU are back! When the series did start its regular run, more than 5.

All Grown Up!

At 12 years old, Chuckie is still shy and timid, although he has a "rebellious streak" at times and can be protective of Kimi. However, some of the friends made since their cancelation, aren't quite so sure.

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Angelica is Tommy and Dil's cousin, now 13 years old as a teenager, and is often the most stereotypical character. The show aired as reruns on Nickelodeon from August 18, until November 12,it was dropped from the channel on Februarybut then returned in April until June 25,then on July 7,All Grown Up!

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Will they be able to get Didi and Stu to say yes? He's quickly bored, but then he sees her: Kimi also has a good relationship with Chuckie even though sometimes he is protective of her. The brothers have to face hard choices and challenges [ full summary inside ] Rated: He gets gross tendencies.

Tommy was only there because he liked a girl, so why did Chuckie have to be there? Dil asian dating swansea by far the most developed character in the series.

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Meanwhile, two familiar friends of Sanyo unexpectedly returned safe and sound, but why did they escape Mudana's 'crutches' so easily? He wants to make a move, but will he have the courage?