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Not only are most of the farming products marketed in or through Windhoek but it is also the most important farming supply centre.

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With its large supply of water and its hydro-electric plant, this river will play an increasingly important role in Namibia The main centers of this region are connected by gravel and tarred roads. Although the Region depends on rain fed agriculture, other crops can be established under intensive cultivation.

To a large extent, the border line forms a natural division between the predominantly cattle producing central part of Namibia and the predominantly small stock farming area of southern Namibia.

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Walvis Bay is the principle home of Namibia's fishing industry. Oshikoto Region The region comprises the remainder of Ondonga and the existing magisterial district of Tsumeb. Omaheke is one of the thirteen regions of Namibia. The establishment of a control tower may permit the handling of passengers and airfreight in all-weather circumstances.

This region comprises ten constituencies: During these months, tourists from the northern hemisphere can be seen in the area, enjoying the mild and dry winter climate and collecting trophies.

Creation of non-agricultural job opportunities will therefore need to receive urgent attention.

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As a whole, it forms the second largest population concentration in Namibia after Windhoek, but because of its Bantustan history it still lacks basic infrastructure and most of the services and facilities normally found in urban areas of this size.

A further characteristic of the Region is the harbour town of Luderitz and its fishing and boat building industry, the diamond areas along the coast on and off shore with Oranjemund as the main centre, mining enterprises in the southern part of Namibia eg. Omaheke has 42 schools with a total of 18, pupils.

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The region comprises of nine constituencies: The main settlements in the region straddle the good tarred road from the Angolan border to Ondangua, where it joins the Oshakati-Tsumeb trunk road. Although both primary and secondary schools are spread across the region, there are still too few.

In the rainy season this connection is usually severed. Medical services are rendered at the clinics of Omatjette, Okombahe, and Uis by medical personnel and private doctors stationed at Omaruru. Furthermore a lively trade has developed between this western part of former Ovambo and more particularly the people of former eastern Kaokoland.

The Otavi and Grootfontein districts, and to a lesser extent also Otjiwarongo, are the granary of Namibia. Ohangwena Region The Ohangwena region includes the remainder of oukwanjama and a small portion of the northern part of Ondonga. The inclusion of former Bushmanland and Hereroland-West in this region are, inter alia, necessitated by the fact that former Bushmanland is connected with Grootfontein by a gravel tarred road, whereas it is only linked by tracks with areas such as Hereroland-East and Gobabis.

The region comprises of ten constituencies: This region forms a fairly discrete unit which cannot omaheke region singles be combined with other areas. The potential for developing this area is high. This is predominantly an agricultural region in which mahangu is cultivated successfully. The agricultural patterns of this region is to a large extent homogenous. The main railway line and two main trunk roads give access to South Africa.

Clinics in the region are served by medical practitioners based in Gobabis, and there are two hospitals and a clinic serving the region. It further has the advantage of combining communal and commercial farming in the same region.

The potential for further development of light industries and new settlement areas seem presently to be unlimited.

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Uutapi at Ombalantu forms a natural centre for this region. Game farming and irrigation farming along the Naute Dam and the Orange River have gained significantly in importance. The majority of businesses in northern Namibia are located here, providing a significant amount of employment.

The region comprises six constituencies: A large part of this region is known as the Sandveld. This region is named after the Kunene river which forms the north-western border of this particular region. Opuwo, Khorixas, Kamanjab and Ruacana are linked with constructed gravel roads whereas Khorixas and Kamanjab are in turn linked to Outjo by tarred roads.

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Gravel roads link this this part with either Omaruru or Swakopmund. This infrastructure serves as the main supply line for the region. The provision and standard of schooling also require improvement.

Omaheke Region This region lies on the eastern border of Namibia and comprises the magisterial district of Gobabis as well as former Hereroland East, Areas No. The area forms a unit with the outlying parts all aimed at the main centre, namely Gobabis.

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The establishment of a control tower may contribute to the improvement of all-weather air and transport. With Outjo as one of the two entrance points to the National Etosha Game Reserve, tourism will become a major revenue source to this territory which is otherwise somewhat underendowed with natural resources. Veterinary services for these areas are provided by the State Veterinarian based at Omaruru.