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I am very good with kids even though I do not have any of my own. As I walk at the stair of the hospital my feet were so heavy, I was just walking but I can barely breath, and as I opened the door I see my father lying in the bed, I feel tremble on my knees, I cried when I saw him, seeing him with oxygen on his face not moving makes me so weak, I ask my self why does this have to happen, my father was a great man, he worked hard for all us, he never failed as a father for all of us.

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From your homepage create and save custom searches, create favorites lists, manage your mail and chat and so much more! After finishing high school I decided not to enter college for the reason that I have to save up some money first, because college is not a gay zimbabwe datingI know how hard and expensive college is, so I decided to work again for another year, Things are going great that time, I was working hard and saving money because I was excited to be in college, until the bad news came, after arriving in our yearly outing that is being held every April, I received a text from my brother that my father was rush at the hospital because one of his major vein explode and now in a comma.

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New neighbors and friends not to mention classmates, so there I was having my third year in high school, it was fun for me, I never had problems being in Laguna until that day came. The incredible profiles of these stunning women you see here on our website is just the beginning fo your journey for love and marriage.

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I thought going back to the place where I was raised, where all my friends and old classmates will make me happy, I was wrong. I like to put my arm around that special someone while watching movies, until we both fall asleep.

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I love music a lot, either dancing to it or simply just listening to it. That was harsh for me and my family, until the day that I decided to work for the sake of my family.

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Because we have relatives there that can surely help me, so I immediately pack my things to find my luck in Manila. I consider myself very romantic, sensual and passionate by nature. Who Is Mexico Singles?

Mexico singles offers thrilling group tours where you travel with a group of other single men or you can choose to travel alone on an individual tour with the assistance of our tour department and local staff in the cities you choose for your destination. So I rush my way to Pampanga.

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Sucess is our 1 priority for the men and single women at Mexico Singles! So when the year came for me to enter elementary my first brother was born, well at first I was like jealous and at the same time happy.

Me and my parents decided that if am going to work it will be better if I work in Manila. This is my life.

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It almost feels like am the princess of our family. Loosing someone very important to you is heart shattering.

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I am a very good listener and I am a man who loves to laugh a lot even when the joke is on me. I want to protect you from all of the injustices in the world and carry you off into a blazing sunset.

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One of the largest and fastest growing international singles networks available today! My father decided to move in Laguna, Knowingly that it also means that I have to continue my studies there.