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Pools Fencers in each event are separated into pools of fencers. This allows time to complete registration, weapons check and warm-up. Scheduling If you want to schedule your dog for daycareboarding or spa servicesplease contact us to arrange a time and date.

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State of the Art Facility Think of our daycare in the same way as you would dogs; it comes in all shapes. The winner moves to the next round.

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It is very important that you check your seeding before pools are posted. Local tournaments may only require a mask check.

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All dogs love playing outside and with the beautiful, sunny weather Anaheim enjoys, our three spacious play yards let your pup spend lots of time outside, weather permitting. That seeding, in turn, gives them the best chance to meet in the finals. You can also download our enrollment form here.

Each event will have a different start time. You can check in on your furbaby throughout the day using the webcams in each of our rooms.

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Direct Elimination seeding is determined by the number of wins, touches scored, and touches received in the Pool round. Each bout goes to 5 points or 3 minutes and is overseen by a director. Before bringing your dog for their first day of daycare or overnight boarding, we ask that you call us first to schedule a meet and greet with our team. Larger events will award medals to the top 8 finishers.

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Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and determine if we are a right fit for your pup. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of our services. Weapons Check Weapons check at a national tournament include: Top seeded fencers are placed in different pools.

Blades are checked on the strip before each bout. We would love to meet you and your dog and show you everything we have to offer!

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This is also the perfect time to take a behind-the-scenes tour of our beautiful facility. Have everything packed and ready to go the night before. Each fencer will fence everyone in their pool once.

Ensure that you get the benefit of your ranking, and also make sure you do not have teammates in your pool if there are other pools available. Our play yards come complete with beautiful pools, rock waterfalls, misters, shade sails and special K9-turf. Leaving your pup alone for the first time can be a trying experience for a dog parent.

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It's very easy to forget something in your rush to get out the door. That is why each of our playrooms are fully supervised by our highly trained team. Registration Upon arrival, you free anaheim hills dating register for each event you are signed up for.

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How is a typical fencing competition structured? Toolkit for weapon repair First Aid Supplies It is always a good idea to clean and maintain your equipment before every tournament. This gives them the best chance to earn the highest seeding for the Direct Elimination rounds. If your dog is a bundle of energy, we have agility-style play equipment to provide a fun challenge.

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Direct Elimination The Direct Elimination round is a standard single elimination bracket. All you need is a device that is connected to the internet. Fencers are seeded based on their pool results.

You should show up about an hour before your event. Medals The top 4 finishers in each event earn a gold, a silver and 2 bronze medals.

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Events A tournament may contain several events which separate competitors by gender and age group. Each DE round goes to 15 points and is fenced within three 3-minute bouts with 1 minute rest in between. In the event of a tie, an additional one-minute priority round is fenced.