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Step 4 - Attaching the T-Fitting Once the drain is added, you can then attach a small piece of pipe known as a tailpiece to the end of the drain below the sink. A straight tailpiece mounts to the strainer body with a threaded coupling. All modern sink drains come ready to connect to either a metal or PVC drainpipe. Once it becomes soft, roll it into a rope shape that will extend around the underside of the drain flange 3 Press the putty beneath the drain flange, keeping the integrity of snapchat hookup accounts rope shape.

Next, slide the clevis strap onto the end of the pivot rod. Screw this into place using the nut, and then add the T-fitting to this tailpiece using a slip washer.

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You must remove all dirt, grime and grit for a waterproof seal. A sink trap is a J-shaped pipe beneath a sink, designed to trap noxious sewer gases before they enter the house. You have it connected properly when you move the clevis rod up and down and the stopper moves correspondingly in the sink. It will be a flattened piece of rubber that fits up under the sink.

The putty will help to keep the drain in place.

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The extending part of the drain that hangs beneath the sink is the tailpiece. Adjust the lift rod on the clevis strap so that when you push the rod down, the sink stopper pops up.

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Unscrew the pivot rod Unscrew the pivot rod nut and pull out the rod. A garbage disposal, if there is one, mounts directly to a special strainer body. Run water through the bathroom sink drain and replace the stopper. Tighten the lock nut firmly so that the plumber's putty oozes out from beneath the drain flange.

The washer usually has a beveled edge which then can be installed against the side of the drain stub.

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Do not fully tighten the nut at this point; just thread it on so it holds the nylon ball in place. Release the stopper by removing the pivot rod nut and pulling out the pivot rod Photo 3. Fitting a double sink drain with a dishwasher attachment or other utility attachment can be even more confusing, but you can easily put the basic drain together.

When you are ready, you can then add a layer of putty around the edge of the drain, and ensure that it is pressed down into the drain hole. I have room against the back of my house where it would be easy enough to do that. Press it in until the putty begins to ooze out of the sides of the flange.

What do people do to protect from freeze?

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Run hot water down the drain to help clear out any remaining soap scum and to check that the clog is gone. For more information, see Bathroom Sink Plumbing. I was originally a cottage belonging to the house next door now the property is divided. Bathroom Sink Trap When water runs down a sink drain, it moves through the trap and exits out the drainpipe. It does freeze here occasionally thoughout the winter Lift out the stopper.

Step 3 - Add the Trap Arm The next part of the installation involves fitting the trap arm. I just don't see most people being willing to live without one and buy a house without one. Then line up the pivot rod with the slot in the stopper and reinsert it.

Drain water from the area you wish to use, in this case the kitchen. Tighten all of the slip nuts and test for leaks. The rod will move the clevis strap, the pivot rod and the stopper up and down. Hold the washer in place and screw on the connecting lock nut.

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Conversely, when you pull the sink rod up, the stopper should seal the sink drain.